4 Easy Steps

How to accept payment in a Google Form.

Google Forms are an extremely powerful and versatile tool for collecting information online. Google Forms are quick and easy to setup for a wide range of purposes.

In this guide we will show you how Google Forms can be used to accept payment.
A Google Form that can accept payment.
Google Forms Editor

Step 1
Install the Payable Forms Add-On

The Payable Forms Add-On is available in the Google Workspace Marketplace and adds the payment acceptance capabilties to Google Forms.

Use the button below to get it:

google workspace marketplace logo
Install Payable Forms from the Workspace Marketplace

After installation when a Google Form is open you will see a puzzle piece in the tool bar with "Payable Forms" listed in the drop down.

Connect a Payment Provider to your Google Form. (PayPal, Stripe, Square, Rapyd, Razorpay)

Step 2
Connect a Payment Provider

The Payable Forms Add-On will automatically identify money amounts inside of the answers that your users select and automatically calculate the order total.

Select from one of the payment providers including PayPal, Stripe, Square, Rapyd and Razorpay and complete the connection flow.

Toggle the form to "Yes" for make this form payable.

Checkout with Payment Order Form and Credit Cards in a Google Form

Step 3
Test Mode

Click the eyeball icon in your toolbar to see what your form will look like to submitters. Submit your own form. You will see that Payable hosts a secure checkout page that collects the calculated total from your Google Form.

Payable offers a "Test Mode" so you can practice and make sure your form is working and calculating as expected before you send it out.

When you are ready, toggle test mode to "Off - Real Money" and from and that is it! You are ready collect money in your Google Form.

Payment Tracking in a Google Sheet from the Google Form Data

Step 4
Payment Tracking

After each form submission all the data flows to a linked Google Sheet. Open your connected Google Sheet you will see that Payable added some new columns to track the status of each submission.

After a user submits payment you will see the PayPable Status update to "Paid".

Payable can automatically send reminders after 24 hours to those that have not yet made payment and you cam manually mark orders as paid with manual methods.

Sample Google Forms with Payment

Try out a Payable Google Form in Test-Mode

Below are some links to Payable Google Forms that you can submit and try out the customer payment experience.
Google Form with Payment - Sample Ski Lesson Form Template
Sample Ski Lesson Registration Form
Try Payable Form
Google Form with Credit Cards - Company Merchandise Order Form Template
Company Merchandise Order Form
Try Payable Form
Sample Donation Fundraising Form
Try Payable Form
Google Form with Square and Cash App - Sample Gym Membership Signup Form Template
Sample Gym Membership Signup Form
Try Payable Form

To try out the Payable Forms Add-On:

Use the button below. No sign-up required.


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